Tunisian Crochet: Fewer Ends? Count me in!

Tunisian crochet. Many view it as much more difficult than it actually is. However, as with standard crochet, once you’ve mastered the basic stitches, everything builds from there.

Tunisian crochet can even be worked in multiple colors AND in the round! You’ll still use the same stitches as you would if working Tunisian crochet in rows, and you might even have fewer ends to weave in! Because of the nature of the work, you’ll begin carrying the new colors behind and working over the ends sooner so that you’ll have fewer ends to weave in, which, in my book, makes this technique AWESOME!

When worked in the round, Tunisian crochet can be used to create graphic patterns in your crochet as shown in the following projects: Dotty Tunisian Cowl, Graphic Ornaments, Floret Crop Top, Delta Headband, ZigZag Socks, and Bitmap Cowl.

Each of the patterns listed above uses the Tunisian knit stitch (tks) and some form of a reverse Tunisian stitch to create the colorwork patterns. Many of them stick with these stitches, but others also incorporate the Tunisian simple stitch (tss), the make 1 (m1), and standard crochet stitches.

tunisian crochet

The Royal Mitts & Cowl and the Fable Cowl are good examples of what can be done with Tunisian crochet in the round even when its not being used to create a graphic pattern. In contrast to the graphic patterns, these designs use the Tunisian simple stitch, the Tunisian purl stitch (Royal Mitts & Cowl), the twisted Tunisian simple stitch (twtss), and an increase to create the pattern you see.

tunisian crochet

No matter which type of Tunisian crochet in the round you choose to try, you’ll end up with fewer ends to weave in, which puts these projects much higher on my to-do list! What do you think? Have I convinced you to try 2-color Tunisian crochet in the round? If so, which project are you going to try first? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Stitching!


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