Fable Cowl: For the Love of Tunisian Crochet

When we love something around these parts, we love it deep. So deep is our love for the Fable Cowl, that multiple blogs have been crafted – along with multiple cowls! Let’s turn our attention once again to this compelling Tunisian Crochet design from Interweave Crochet Winter 2018 and designer Juliette Bezold.

An Editorial Favorite

Crochet editor Sara Dudek literally got hooked on this project from the moment it landed on her desk as a submission. An admitted fangirl of designer Juliette Bezold, Sara’s final version made the stitch detail pop like crazy. Read about Sara’s love for this brilliant accessory and make it your own!

Turn the Tunisian Tide

Listen. We know not everyone digs Tunisian Crochet. Despite the above declaration of love, even Sara understands the challenges that come with this special technique. Never fear! We’ve got tips and tricks that will turn the Tunisian tide in your favor.

Tunisian crochet

Try a Tunisian Tutorial

Never stop learning, right? Especially when you’ve already tried Tunisian Crochet and given up. Just one more pass. Indulge us! Or rather, indulge project editor Susanna Tobias. She loves Tunisian, and has even debated the subject in our blog feed. The Fable Cowl was just the thing to get her to jump into the fray once again. This time around, she provides a photo tutorial that will change your game.

Not Convinced? Ravelry Has Spoken.

Digging into Ravelry is something we collectively geek out on. Your likes lead us directly to what you are hooking into, and yes, we are interested! This Top 5 Ravelry Favorites from last year’s winter issue includes not only the Fable Cowl, but a few other hits that have garnered your love and ours.

Give Tunisian Crochet another chance, and start with the Fable Cowl. This technique and project will open your stitching perspective and enhance your handmade style.

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