Tunisian Crochet Cables in the Audrey Super Cowl

Chunky superwash merino yarn, a quick crochet cowl, and Tunisian crochet cables–everyone needs an Audrey Super Cowl this winter! This crochet cowl is stylish and warm and works up quickly. Some of you might be worried about the Tunisian cable that winds around the cowl, but don’t let it hinder you. It’s one of the easiest crochet cables I’ve ever worked.

learn Tunisian crochet cables

The Audrey Super Cowl is the perfect project to learn how to work Tunisian crochet cables.

About the Audrey Super Cowl

The Audrey Super Cowl uses a large P/16 Tunisian crochet hook to create the textured Tunisian stitches. You will also need a cable needle (though I’ve used stitch holders or a double-pointed knitting needle in a pinch) and a yarn needle to graft the two ends of the cowl together. If you’ve never grafted before, don’t worry, the Interweave Crochet Winter 2020 issue includes a very helpful article to walk you through the grafting process.

The Tunisian crochet stitches used for the Audrey Super Cowl are the basic Tunisian knit and purl stitches for the background and the Tunisian knit stitch for the actual cable. You can learn how to crochet these simple Tunisian crochet stitches in this Tunisian crochet post.

Now let’s get started with that Tunisian crochet cable. After working a few rows in Tunisian purl stitch and Tunisian knit stitch as indicated in the pattern, you will make the first twist of your Tunisian crochet cable. Pull up a loop in Tunisian purl stitch in each stitch indicated across to the Tunisian knit stitches running up the center of the cowl (step 1). These Tunisian knit stitches comprise the Tunisian cable which is eight stitches wide. Make sure you have your cable needle or substitute handy.

Tunisian Cable Stitches

Tunisian crochet cables

Tunisian knit stitch in the first four stitches (step 2). Transfer the four loops of those stitches to your cable needle and keep the cable needle on the front of your work and hook (step 3). Tunisian knit stitch in the next four Tunisian knit stitches (step 4). Now transfer the four stitches on your cable needle back onto your hook (step 5). These stitches will now come after the four Tunisian knit stitches you just completed, creating a twist in the fabric (step 6). Work the rest of the row in Tunisian purl stitch and complete the return pass as normal.

Tunisian crochet cables

Work the next rows as indicated across in the normal pattern. The row immediately following the cable twist is the most difficult as working into the twisted stitches can be a bit finicky. I would recommend counting how many stitches you work across the cable to make sure you work eight. Work additional cable twist rows as indicated in the pattern. Each twist is worked as I’ve demonstrated above. An interesting note: You can see that each twist in the cable turns in the same direction because the stitches on the cable needle are always held in front of the work.

Audrey Super Cowl on top, Rimaye Cowl on bottom

Audrey Super Cowl on top, Rimaye Cowl on bottom

Make the Audrey Super Cowl

Are you ready to start your Audrey Super Cowl? It is just one of the amazing Tunisian crochet patterns in the Interweave Crochet Winter 2020 issue. If you like Tunisian cables, you should also check out the Rimaye Cowl and its mock Tunisian cables. Whether you are new to Tunisian crochet or already a die-hard fan, you will find Tunisian crochet pattern that are accessible and fashionable. Download or order your copy today and let us know what you think about Tunisian crochet cables!

Happy crocheting,

Get the Winter 2020 issue to learn more about Tunisian crochet cables and more!

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