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Even if crochet is your passion, you have probably accumulated a collection of supplies for or dabbled in other crafts and hobbies. I have a bin full of beads and clasps, several boxes full of fabric, scrapbook paper, and more just waiting for me to pull myself away from my hooks for an afternoon. And I really want to try weaving again.

Fun Flower Bracelet by LouAnn Elwell

Fun Flower Bracelet by LouAnn Elwell

I’m going to do it. I’ll put away the comfortable crochet hooks and try my hand at a new project, and I just got a new magazine with tons of ideas. Here is its editor Louise Dermitt to tell us more.

We are very proud to introduce the first issue of craft.girl, a beginner friendly collection of all kinds of crafts perfect to make for the spectacularly worthy people in your life (and hey, one of those people should be you!).

Coffee Can Do by Allyson Dykhuizen

Coffee Can Do by Allyson Dykhuizen

From yarn and thread projects to all kinds of jewelry, from home décor to wearable accessories, there is something here for everyone looking to dive into the crafting world. We have also rounded up some of our favorite craft-y things to share with you, tutorials, books, videos, and more to get you started and provide inspiration.

The opportunity to create a magazine from scratch is pretty irresistible. To be able to shape the content and design, work with awesome designers on projects, do a photo shoot, the whole thing. It’s an overwhelming, exciting, and terrifying undertaking. You have in your hands the result of an idea that sparked with Kit Kinseth and flared into a runaway bonfire of an experience for both of us. We could not have done it without the talent, humor, and dedication of our coworkers and photo shoot team. Thank you all for making this crazy thing happen!

1940s Inspired Headband by Lindsay Jarvis

1940s Inspired Headband by Lindsay Jarvis

We hope the projects here spark your creativity and get you excited to take a break from the hectic pace of life to create something with your own hands. No matter if you’re a seasoned crafter or you’re new to this wonderfully colorful, fun, and creative world, welcome!

—Louise Dermitt

Foreign Stamp Frame  by Louisa Demmitt

Foreign Stamp Frame by Louisa Demmitt

So try your hand at a little embroidery, fold some origami, pull out your needles for some sewing, make your own beaded jewelry, or knit a headband (there’s even a crochet headband). Order your copy of craft.girl or download it today.

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P.S. I’d love to know what other hobbies you are passionate about. Share them in the comments.

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