Triplets Scarf: Master the Triplets Cluster

The Triplets Scarf by Sue Perez featured in Interweave Crochet, Winter 2014
Sue Perez, the designer of the Triplets Scarf, was kind enough to put together this detailed tutorial for the Triplet Cluster stitch. With her instructions, you'll be crocheting up this scarf in time! She also made a video tutorial which is linked at the bottom.

A few words about this stitch:

  • The Triplets Stitch, worked in the back loop only, marries beautifully with alternating rows of back loop slip stitch to create a lofty, supple fabric with lots of texture and visual interest.
  • When working Triplets Stitches, keep your tension relaxed and your tall loops as even as possible. You may find it helpful to pull your hook up to an exaggerated angle (as in Photo 4) to keep your tall loops from shrinking towards the end of each stitch.
  • Finish your Triplets rows with a half-double crochet through both strands of the stitch below. This will keep your edges stable and help discourage fabric bias.
  • You can make your Triplets as tall as you like by increasing the starting chain at the beginning of the row, and drawing up tall loops to match. (Don't forget to increase the size of your ending stitch too.)


1) Chain 3, turn. 

2) Right side is now facing you. Insert hook into back loop of next stitch….   

3) Draw up a tall loop (about 5/8" or the height of your chain-3).

4) Repeat steps 2-3 twice. You should now have 4 loops on your hook: 3 tall loops, and 1 working loop.  5) Gently grasp the working yarn near the base of the loops… 6) Yarn over, and gently draw through all loops on hook. Don't let go of that yarn strand yet…. 
7) Insert hook into space between strand you are holding and base of the loops….  8) Yarn over, and draw through both loops on hook to close the triplet stitch. (You can let go of the strand now.) 

9) Chain 1 to lock the stitch. (This also keeps your stitch count even. Since each Triplets Stitch occupies 3 stitches of the row below, it needs to be 3 stitches wide at the top.) 

Here we see what your Triplets Cluster swatch should resemble after a few rows!
If you would rather learn this stitch from a video, Sue make one of those too! Check our her Triplets Stitch video tutorial.

Sue Perez is a native Southern Californian now happily transplanted to Wisconsin. She loves wildflowers, food, crochet, cycling, and her husband (not necessarily in that order), and blogs about them at

Thanks so much for this fabulous tutorial Sue!

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