Triangular Trinkets earrings


Brenda K. B. Anderson


These earrings are simple to make – even if you have never crocheted with wire before.  You will find that gauge 32 beading wire is quite flexible and can be blocked (or pulled into shape) with just your fingers. The wire is held double throughout this pattern.  This gives the earrings more structure and visual appeal, while maintaining the flexibility of thin gauge wire.


Materials List


·      Size B/1 – 2.25 mm metal crochet hook

·      1 spool (or at most, 12 yards) of 32 gauge beading wire

·      2 fishhook style earring wires

·      16 beads (make sure that the hole is big enough to fit 4 pieces of wire through it all at once).   The beads I used in the photos below were flattened squares measuring ¼ of an inch in height and width.  In the photo above, I used a combination of 5 larger faceted beads (measuring ¼”) and 3 small, clear seed beads.  Feel free to experiment with bead size and shape, although you probably do not want your beads to get too large, as they will distort the bottom edge of the earring. 


Finished Size

These earrings measure approximately 1.5 inches across the bottom edge.  This will vary slightly depending on the size and shape of your beads.



Gauge is not important for this project.



Abbreviations used in this pattern:

Tr= treble/triple crochet   sc= single crochet 



Please note that two strands of wire are held together throughout.


At first glance the earring with the red beads (on the leaf) looks like it has fewer than 7 beads across the bottom edge. Look closer and you will see smaller, clear glass seed beads in between the red beads.


The Pattern

Directions (make 2):

Thread seven beads onto one piece of wire.  These will be the seven beads at the bottom edge of the earring.  The 1st bead that you thread onto the wire will be the 7th bead worked.  The 7th bead threaded onto the wire will be the 1st bead worked.  Hold two pieces of wire together throughout this pattern.  See chart below for a visual representation of the directions.


row 1.                Row 1.  With size B metal hook, chain 5 stitches, [tr into the first chain stitch that was made (not the one next to the hook), chain 1] 3 times, tr into 1st chain stitch.  Chain 1 stitch for turning chain, turn.

row 2.                1 sc into the back loop only of each of the next 8 sts.  Chain 1, turn.

row 3.                1 sc into the front loop only of each of the next 8 sts.  Chain 1, turn.

row 4.                1 sc into each of the next 7 stitches across row while placing 1 bead during each stitch as follows:  *Insert hook into back loop of next stitch, yarn over {okay, I know we are using wire, not yarn, but “wire over” just sounded silly!}, and pull loop through to front side of work, slide one bead up next to the hook, yarn over once more and pull through both loops on hook (this secures the bead in place).  Repeat from * 6 more times (7 beads have been placed).  1 sc into last stitch.  Fasten off and weave in end.  See below photos for finishing directions.







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