Travel Project Hints and Tricks

Taking a crochet project along on a long trip is a great way to keep busy during travel time or spend a few hours relaxing. But chasing a ball of yarn when it rolls under the airplane seat in front of you or realizing you forgot your scissors can make the crochet time more frustrating than relaxing. In between crochet time this past weekend, I spent some time browsing though past blogs for crochet travel tips.

From the "No Scissors…Now What" blog I picked up several clever ideas for what to do when you have forgotten your scissors or you are flying and can't take them with you. Check out the comments below the blog. Some great ideas were suggested by Crochet Me members. I was especially impressed by pppaz2's suggestion, "I save a few empty dental floss containers and keep them specifically for this purpose.  the blade works great, it's compact, comes with a built in lid to cover up the blade, you never have to worry about when going through the security screening at the airport, and hey – you're recycling!  you can decorate the outside if you don't like the look of the container. "

Marcy Smith shares five great travel tips on her blog "Five Tips for Crochet-on-the-Go". I love her idea of creating index cards with pattern sections. I know I've had my share of difficulty when trying to crochet while balancing a magazine or crochet book in my lap.

And finally I read "What's in Your Bag". I have to admit that my crochet bag has become slightly disorganized over the last few weeks. So I pulled it out again and did a bit of reorganizing.

What tips do you have for traveling with your crochet

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