Travel Mosaic

It's presstime in Loveland, which means this editor hit the road today.

Sock-it-to-me fog in Raleigh, NC, and snow in Denver conspired to make this a challenging travel day. Lots of delays and cranky co-passengers.
The delays were unpredictable and mostly secret—we found out about further delays in 10- to 20-minute increments. (If you travel often enough, you know what I'm talking about.)

But we crocheters have secrets weapon against travel angst: yarn and a hook. (I also espied a knitter knitting away, an oasis of calm amongst the delayed passengers.)

So, remember those motifs I "premade" for the Moorish Mosaic Afghan by Lisa Naskrent (Interweave Crochet Fall 2009)?



(They're not looking their best—rumpled from travel, shot with an iPhone in a motel room. I'm feeling kind of rumpled my own self.)

And, I have the sequence for another motif to make with the purple, pumpkin and blue (btw, if you're using Lisa's color choices, you won't find purple—I substituted it for the mist color. I like purple). Plus I can make a few of the smaller square motifs, as long as the blue holds out (darn! why didn't I pack more blue yarn? If I just left out things like pants or a shirt, I could pack more yarn!)

Obsessed I am.

Can't wait to see how your afghan is shaping up!

Happy crocheting,


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