Transforming Granny Motifs

I didn't even have to open the new Mollie Makes Crochet to fall in love with a pattern. The Hexagon Motif Blanket on the cover is stunning!

  Hexagon Motif Blanket

While the motifs appear to be circles, they are actually hexagons. The center of the motif is a circle worked in bright colors. Then the circle is changeded into a hexagon using increases.

If you want to make a crochet circle, triangle, or hexagon, you have to start with a circle. But how do you transform a circle into a square or hexagon you ask. The corners of these crochet shapes are created with increases, usually comprised of multiples stitches or multiple stitches combined with short chains.

Let's look at one way in which this alteration can be worked.


Begin by working a circle. I used a magic loop, working double crochet stitches into the ring. Then I worked increases evenly around. These even increases, worked in each stitch and then in every other stitch, retained the circular shape.

Next you need to decide how many corners you want. Corners can be worked into stitches or spaces. If you are creating a square, choose four corners symmetrically around the circle. If you are working a hexagon as I am, choose six corners. It can be helpful to mark the corners with a stitch marker.

  Work evenly without increasing to your marked corner.  In the marked corner, work your first increase. I increased by working three double crochet, chain two, three double crochet. I love the sharper corners you can achieve by working a chain two.

Continue to work increases in each of your marked corners. That easily you have transformed your circle into a hexagon! If you need a larger motif, continue to work similar increases in each corner on successive rows.

Explore granny motif designs as well as amigurumi, lace, and other fun designs with Mollie Makes Crochet. Order your copy of Mollie Makes Crochet today and begin a motif blanket for yourself.

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P.S. What is your favorite granny motif shape?

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