Top Off Your Day with Cold Weather Crochet

Hats are wonderful go-to projects. Quick, usually easy, often three skeins or less, and fun to make, these ensemble finishers are a must-have in any closet. If you’re looking for a way to top off your day, podcaster and author Marlaina “Marly” Bird offers plenty of fun, varied, and interesting crochet hat options in her book Cold Weather Crochet. Although crochet hats tend to be worked top down, many of Marly’s hats are worked from the bottom up, with a focus on the edging and brims. If you’re worried about how the hats will feel when they’re snug around your ears, you covered there too. With options like Lion Brand Collection Angora Merino or Berroco Ultra Alpaca, you’re sure to stay toasty warm.

There are so many delightful toppers in Cold Weather Crochet. Let’s look at three hats that highlight the variety in Marly’s design and show off a few of her tips and tricks.

Pewter Slouchy Hat

The Pewter Slouchy Hat is a lovely, feminine number with an easy-to-follow pattern and lacy fan stitches that I can’t wait to make. Because this classy bottom up crochet hat is made with a merino/angora blend that has a lot of give, Marly suggests having a little negative ease around the band to make sure that it fits snugly. Thanks, Marly! Also, this two-ball project can be decorated with buttons or another personal touch. Make it your own!

Alpaca Hat

Perfectly suited for both guys and gals, the Alpaca Hat (shown on the left in the above photo) features colorwork and alternative finishing options. Because it is worked from the bottom up, you can follow the pattern to its completion for a simply gorgeous hat, or you can stop right after the body instructions for a stylish headband. Both options show off the colorwork and only require three skeins of yarn. Fun and easy on the wallet.

Newsboy Cap

One of my favorite Marly creations is the Newsboy Cap with the prim little brim (above photo, right). The secret to her sturdy brim is — wait for it — a pipe cleaner! Clever, right? Marly is not only crafty with her construction, but she knows how to add flair to a project. Check out the beautiful line of golden color around the body of the hat that is cinched with an adorable flower.

Which hat tops off your day? Let me know in the comments below.

Top of the day to you!


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