Interweave’s Top 5 Modern Crochet Blankets

I absolutely love blankets. I’m always cold, even in the summer, so I like to keep a blanket nearby when I’m at home in case I get too chilly. I have an awesome kinda vintage-looking blanket over the back of my couch, but my living room has more of a sleek mid-mod feel, so I’ve been thinking about making a modern crochet blanket for that room. (My beloved back-of-couch blanket would move to my bedroom, I think.)

Fortunately for me, modern crochet blankets are having a moment right now, so I have plenty of patterns to choose from! A quick search for crochet blankets on Pinterest pulls up lots of color blocking, unique patterning, and bold hues. I love all of those things so I’m in crochet blanket heaven, and luckily for me, Interweave has loads of patterns that feature all these blanket trends. Here are my top 5 modern crochet blanket picks for this summer.

crochet blankets

1. Chevron Bedspread

Chevrons are, as Mugatu would say, so hot right now. I love chevrons, so this is great news for me! I’d make this throw from Favorite Crochet Blankets in bold colors—I’m thinking maybe turquoise, neon yellow, hot pink, and maybe some gray to keep things under control—to keep it on trend.

crochet blankets

2. Kinetic Throw

When I started at Interweave in 2014, I spent a lot of time poring over all the recent issues to get a feel for Interweave Crochet. I remember looking over the Crochetscene 2014 photo galleries and falling head over heels for the Kinetic Throw. The bold jewel-tone colors, subtle texture, and funky fringe give it a great modern look, and the simple pattern makes it accessible to beginners like me. This blanket really showed me what crochet can be and do, and I’d love to have it in my home as a reminder of the possibilities of this amazing craft.

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3. Peerie Baby Blanket

This blanket from Unexpected Afghans is straight out of Pinterest! It has cool patterning, bold colors, and it’s for babies—total Pinterest fodder. As pictured, The Peerie Baby Blanket is 30 x 30 inches, but I’d ask my pals in Crochet Corner for advice on making it adult sized. I’d probably use white and black as the primary colors with a few motifs in bright neons to give it a super-modern feel.

crochet blankets

4. Moroccan Tile Afghan

Designer Kristin Omdahl was inspired by Moroccan tile to create the motifs in the aptly named Moroccan Tile Afghan from Favorite Crochet Blankets. Moroccan tile is really popular in home décor right now, so this blanket is a great way to bring that aesthetic into your home. The lacy look of this blanket helps it stand out from other afghans, and the relatively open motifs make it the perfect throw for summer.

Supersize Crochet

5. Mahoosive Blanket from Supersize Crochet

Embrace the chunky yarn trend with this amazing blanket! Worked in a jumbo yarn on a size 25 hook, the warm and trendy Mahoosive Blanket from Supersize Crochet works up quickly, so it will definitely be ready when autumn temperatures hit.

Are you loving the modern crochet blankets trend, or are you more of a blanket traditionalist? How many crocheted blankets do you have in your home? Let me know in the comments!


Modern Crochet Blankets for You to Try!


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