Top 10 Shows to Binge Stitch To

Cold winter days call for cuddles on the couch with a crochet project and a good show. Enjoy this excerpt from Crochetscene on all the shows as addictive as your crochet projects. Get the special issue of Crochetscene for all of the projects we recommend below and fill your chilly weekends will some Netflix and binge stitch!

binge stitch

Stranger Things – (NETFLIX) Grab some eighties mohair! Go up a hook size, though—scary moments tighten gauge.

Project to try: This calls for a project with strange shapes and colors. Try the Speakeasy Shawl.

binge stitch

Call the Midwife – (PBS) This calls for a baby blanket.

Project to try: The Sahara Afghan is perfect for new moms! It’s a mile-a-minute made in strips–perfect for baby naps.

binge stitch

Bloodline, 2 seasons – (NETFLIX) The ties that bind are as strong as super-bulky cotton yarn.

Project to try: You might need a bright project after this dark drama. Solution – the Sonoran Shrug.

binge stitch

The Blacklist, 3 seasons–(CABLE AND ONLINE) Stop every few stitches to look over your shoulder.

Project to try: What a tangled web we weave. Work the Nightshade Skirt while watching this crime drama.

binge stitch

Transparent (AMAZON)– Live a little: crochet something sparkly.

Project to try: What’s more transparent than glass…nothing! Make the Expanse Scarf for a light and airy, see through project.

Grace & Frankie (NETFLIX) – Granny squares are just right.

Project to try: This show calls for granny squares, or maybe granny hexagons. Try the Head over Hexi Headboard as your companion for this show.

The Path (HULU) –Go for a communal project.

Project to try: A twisted show calls for a project with twists and turns. For this one, we give you Blanket Statement.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (NETFLIX)–This calls for a variegated yarn!

Project to try: A bright character calls for bright colors, so try one of Crochetscene’s brightest stars: the Colorado Poncho.

Orange is The New Black, 4 seasons (NETFLIX) – Crocheted ponchos have high trade value in a women’s prison.

Project to try: The obvious project for this show is the Jailhouse Rock Pullover. It’s not a poncho, but it does fit the theme.

binge stitch

Murdoch Mysteries (CBC) – Pop a bonbon every time you see crochet!

Project to try: Step back to the turn of the century with the Mojave Gauntlets. Just stitch them with a solid color yarn for a project perfect to pair with a huge hat.

What project/show combination will you try first?

—The Interweave Crochet Team

Craft and watch – your WIP will be an FO in no time!

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