2017’s Top 10 Knitting and Crochet Kits (and Why You Need Them)

Happy New Year! January is typically when we plan for the year ahead, but I always like to take time this month to look back and reflect on the previous year. We’re all so busy during the year—especially during the holidays—that it can be difficult to remember all the amazing stuff we did! I know that’s true for my 2017, and it’s probably true for you, too.

As I reflected on my 2017 work year, I found that although I remembered our magazine issues really well, I was struggling to remember all the knitting and crochet kits we’d created. So I went back through our product catalog to remind myself of everything we’d done, and I was amazed at all the kits we’d created—and the number of them that I’d forgotten! If you’ve also forgotten some of the awesome kits we made in 2017, take a look at this list for some 2018 crafting inspiration.

1. Fall River Shawl

The stunning Fall River Shawl by Lisa Naskrent is hands-down one of my favorite projects of the year. The lacy mesh and staggered diamond shapes are unique, eye-catching, and fun to crochet. Available in two colorways—Ruby and Sapphire—this fantastic shawl will carry you all the way into spring.

2. Powder Hat

When you think of cozy and cute winter hats, something like Allison O’Mahony’s Powder Hat probably comes to mind; it’s the platonic ideal of a winter hat. The bulky yarn and fisherman’s rib combine to make an adorable chunky hat that knits up quickly and can be worn as a slouch or a beanie.

3. Day Fade Shawl

Bring a bit of summer into your life with the Tina Whitmore’s Day Fade Shawl! As you muddle through the darkest days of the year, this shawl’s bright colors will call to mind the evening glow and color-filled skies of summer and give you hope for the days ahead. Worked in one ball of gradient laceweight yarn, this shawl is super fun and quick to knit.

4. Jacquard Mittens

Don’t let the complicated-looking design fool you—the Jacquard Mittens are actually relatively simple to knit. Designer Sherrie Kibler adapted the historical jacquard technique (originally used in weaving) using slipped stitches and floats to create these thick mittens that will keep hands toasty all winter long. (If you’re not sure how to work the technique, check out our free tutorial!)

5. iCat Cowl

If you love lace, the iCat Cowl is the project for you! And if you love cats, you’ll want to get the kit in all 5 colorways because they’re all inspired by cats (real and fictional), and a portion of the proceeds from each skein goes to benefit stray and abandoned cats around the world. We partnered with Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts owner/cowl designer Caroline Sommerfeld to create a simple-to-knit lace pattern; the resulting cowl can be worn long like a scarf or doubled up to keep your neck warm.

6. Brioche Topper Hat

Brioche is so hot right now—jump on the trend with this hat! The Brioche Topper Hat by Laura Nelkin features brioche stitch at the brim, so if you’re new to the technique, this is a great way to dip your toes in. The supersoft handpainted yarn (available in 5 colorways) creates a gorgeous ombré effect that’s sure to attract compliments wherever you go.

7. Trio Scarf

If you need another scarf this winter (who doesn’t?!), look no further than the Trio Scarf, designed by Andi Javori. This lovely triangular scarf, knit from the bottom up, features self-striping yarn that produces a stunning gradient effect and shell rings and tassels at each corner to add flair. The kit is available in 3 colors, so you’re sure to find one that suits your style.

8. Ramona Phoenix Cowl

Add a little color to winter’s gray with this gorgeous gradient cowl! The Ramona Phoenix Cowl was one of our most popular kits from 2017, and it’s easy to see why: the simple colorwork, bright jewel tones, and multiple size and color options make this a fun, beautiful, and easily customizable cowl.

9. Gingko Shawl

Embrace the soft colors of winter and early spring with Angelia Robinson’s Gingko Shawl. This openwork crochet shawl features five colors that morph into one another for a lovely, lightweight piece that easily transitions between seasons. Wrap it around your neck kerchief-style during the winter, then wear it loose as temperatures warm in the spring.

10. Amaranto Scarf

I’ve already testified about my love for the fabulous Joceyln J. Tunney’s Amaranto Scarf, but in case you missed that post, I’m happy to say it again: this scarf is amazing! The uber-soft yarn, the gorgeous colors, the simple but striking pattern—this scarf has it going on. Indulge yourself in a little luxury knitting in the new year and wait for the compliments to roll in!

If “craft more” is one of your new year’s resolutions, buy your favorite kit from this list and knock out your first project of the year in no time! And if your favorite kit from 2017 didn’t make our list, let me know in the comments.

Yours in kits,

The Best of Our Knitting and Crochet Kits!

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