Too Bright or Just Right?

While compiling the Simple Crochet Patterns from Crochet Me: 5 Free Easy Crochet Patterns eBook, I fell in love with the Organic Cotton Washcloth for Babies. It looked so simple and quick but at the same time luxurious and pampered; the perfect last minute gift. Somehow I missed the potholder and washcloth stage when I was learning how to crochet, so this would be a new adventure for me.

Now I think I might have been missing something jumping straight into lace crochet. I love the slightly nubby feel of the stitches and the softness of the organic cotton in this washcloth. I keep stopping mid-row to rub the fabric against my cheek. And the pattern is fun and easily memorized.

I am down to the last two rows. The original washcloth used a subtle tan, but I found a fun bright yellow in my stash. A row and a half in and I'm starting to doubt my choice. The yellow is very bright. It could be too much, or with the addition of a little rubber ducky, it could be a fabulously fun baby shower gift.

What do you think?

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