Tolee the Koala Bear from Ni Hoa, Kai-Lan Character Hat Crochet Pattern



Here is the pattern for my recently completed character hat version of Tolee, the Koala Bear friend from the Show “Ni Hoa, Kai-Lan”.  I made this little hat for one of my precious nieces to wear.  I think this may be my favorite hat I have made so far. 🙂  If you know how to work in the round you will find this pattern fairly easy.  Happy crafting!

Materials List

Light to medium gray colored yarn for Beanie Hat main color (or desired color)
(I use a lot of Red Heart Saver yarn but any medium to normal weight yarn will do)
Lightest gray or light khaki colored yarn for contrast inner ear
Black yarn for face features
White yarn for shining light spots on features
Pink yarn for blush circles
“J” hook (6.0 mm)
Scissors or Yarn Cutter
Blunt large eye yarn / tapestry needle to weave in ends

Finished Size

Adjustments for all sizes in crochet pattern


Worked in the Round
Some stitching of features on to hat for finished project 

The Pattern

The full crochet pattern is on the blog free. Drop by and check it out. 🙂

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