Toesies are great for any time of the year because you just slip them on your toes and they will warm you up! They are especially nice for sleeping if you have cold toes since there is no messing around with extra sheets or covers. Toesies are pretty much the toe part of a pair of socks but a lot comfier.

They can also be used for your fingers on cold winter days.

Materials List

Multicolored sock yarn
Other yarn of your choice of colors that will complement the sock yarn colors.
Size J crochet needle

Yarn needle

Finished Size

My feet are wide so this is what they are, 2 1/2 in or 7cm tall; 4 in or 9 cm in the middle.



The Pattern

Using both the sock yarn and the other yarn make a slip knot then chain 2 stitches. Circular crochet until is a little bit smaller than your foot. Then start doing single crochet until it’s a little bit longer than the ball of your foot. Then decrease each round until you can still put it on but it fits snugly.


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