To Spam: Gotcha!

As I've mentioned, comment spam is the single greatest thorn in my online side. And it's not just a petty annoyance – it's actually a big suck on our server resources. Kicked in the butt by my adventures fixing the site today, I sat Mr Cme down and we applied the magic that now allows me to enable one further barrier to comment spam: Captcha.

As of right this moment, in order to leave a comment on the site you'll be required to type in the letters that appear in a randomly-generated image (most Blogger blogs require this, too, so I'm sure you're familiar with it). This is the internet's way of separating the humans from the spam-bots, and I do very much hope that it'll have the effect of both keeping our server happy and keeping my site-related annoyances to a minimum.

So, please comment. Comment lots!

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