Tips on Blocking Shawls


Fission Shawl by Annette Hynes, Crochetscene 2014 Ginger Scarf by Beth Major, Crochetscene 2014
I don’t know about you but I LOVE BLOCKING!  My projects never feel complete until after they have had a nice bath and are stretched out between wires or t-pins.  It really does bring out the full potential of the project and is absolutely essential for any type of lace.  Almost every project benefits from blocking, however the Fission Shawl and Ginger Scarf from this issue would especially profit from a nice blocking.



In Blocking the fun way, Sarah shows us her method for washing and blocking a lace shawl.
Blocking without Wires
Here marcy shares a technique for blocking that does not require wires.
Lace Shawl Blocking
Another lace blocking tutorial from Sarah that focuses on the placement of wires.
I do hope that you find these tutorials helpful!  Please share with us your completed project, happy crocheting!

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