Tips for Working Intarsia Crochet

Have you tried reversible intarsia crochet yet? We have the perfect project for you. This simple reversible color crochet afghan by Laurinda Reddig uses an eye-catching square from Reversible Color Crochet. Rather than using numbers 1 through 9 to solve the Sudoku puzzle, you use 9 different colors to create a pattern with no repeated colors in each row and column. Each square is edged in black, then joined together with slip stitches for a raised outline of the puzzle blocks.

This intarsia crochet tutorial is a great way to learnHere are three tips from Laurinda that will make working reversible color crochet easier and give your piece a clean finished look.

Tip 1: The Yarn Flip

One of the key differences that distinguish reversible intarsia from other crocheted colowork is the yarn flip, which is done after each color change. By bringing the yarn up in between the hook and new yarn, you avoid the vertical stranding typically seen on the wrong side of the work. These strands are hidden inside the first stitch of the new color and brought to the top of the stitch, ready to be picked up on the following row. After completing the first stitch in the new color, remember to give the old color a gentle tug to tighten the yarn for a smoother look between color changes.

Tip 2: Tips for Keeping Yarn Untangled

Every time you change colors, try to untangle the new color from all of the others and bring the entire ball forward and over the top of your work as you flip the previous color to the back of the work.

Keep the outer end of your balls or bobbins wrapped very tightly so that you have to pull the yarn out of the ball. This keeps the balls closer to your work, allowing for less yarn to get tangled.

Learn how to crochet intarsia with a fabulous crochet afghan.Tip 3: Have You Tried Tapestry Crochet?

In the reversible intarsia technique, carrying the new color under the stitch just before a color change brings the new color up into the stitch you are working, in the same position as it would be in tapestry crochet, making it easier to pick up. As long as you remember to pull the new color tight under the stitch before using it, most of that carried yarn will be hidden under the stitch in the previous color.

—Laurinda Reddig

I can’t wait to try this new technique, and these tips will be extremely helpful. Join me in learning this crochet colorwork stitch with the Sudoku Afghan kit.

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