Tips for Tunisian Crochet and More

I hope you've had a chance to visit the new CrochetMe site and start getting settled in. I know it can be tricky at first.

When I first moved into our new house two years ago, I often found myself standing in the kitchen, arms akimbo, wondering: Where is the rice steamer? And where is the rice? My previous kitchen was so small that I could reach out with one hand for the steamer and the other for the rice (well, OK, the steamer was right out there on the counter, because I didn't have a place to put it). Now that we're settled in, I know where everything is.

What would have really helped me in those early days was a kind of search wand. Happily, the new CrochetMe site, has one of these, right up in the upper right-hand corner.

So if you're looking for a forum thread you were writing in a couple of weeks ago, just type in a keyword and it'll pop up.

And if you're looking for tips on Tunisian, which many of you are these days, type in "Tunisian." And right there you'll find all the Tunisian-related forums, free crochet patterns, blogs on the CrochetMe site to help you out. Then you can get to work on the projects in the Winter 2009 Issue of Interweave Crochet.

Want to know more about the Mulled Spices Afghan (at the left there)? Toni wrote about it in her blog. Don't have the issue where it first appeared (Interweave Crochet Winter 2008)?  You can buy the pattern in the Interweave store.

Want to know more about Tunisian techniques? Click on the Write Comments button below and let us know what you want to learn. We'll see what we can do to teach you.

We hope this new home will continue to fuel your creative energy as we develop links among the crochet community.

Come join us,


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