Tips for Crocheting in Color

I pick up skeins of yarn everywhere. They are gifted from friends and bought in ones and twos at my local yarn shop. I even find the occasional skein under the couch or in a random bag or purse; I'm pretty sure these skeins are placed there by the yarn fairy.

Swirls Pillow by Kathy Merrick  

Actually, most of my skeins are either single skeins or one of only two or three skeins in that particular yarn and color. This collection of yarn means one of two things. Either I could crochet hundreds of single- or two-skein projects, or I could jump into crochet colorwork.

I love stripes, tapestry crochet, intarsia, and multi-colored motifs, but I used to be nervous about combining colors. Thanks to Kathy Merrick I now look forward to combining colors and crocheting colorwork designs. Kathy has written an amazing color book, Crochet in Color, and created an amazing workshop, Colorful Crochet with Kathy Merrick. Here are a few of my favorite tips.

Colorwork Crochet Tips

Lay your skeins our on the table or your living room floor and play with different color combinations by laying the skeins next to each other or laying one skein across coordinating skeins. I will sometimes leave a color combination on the table for a few days. Does one color dominate the others; are the colors too similar? Do you have a good combination of dark, light, and medium tones?

  Butterfly Turtleneck by Kathy Merrick

Watch out for "screamers." Screamers are colors, such as yellow or white, that draw the eye, preventing it from moving across the project. Large areas of black or white can draw all attention away from other colors, but they are also great options to create bold designs.

Don't be afraid to use colors that aren't ranked among your favorites. Sometimes that mustard yellow, Kelly green, pumpkin orange, or cherry red (insert your own least favorite color here) is the perfect complimentary shade. You may even learn to love a new color.

Granada Shawl by Kathy Merrick  

Finally, while not a tip for combining colors, one of my favorite techniques to use while crocheting with color is the simple bow. To keep the stitches where two colors or yarns join occur tight, I like to tie the beginning and ending tails together in a bow. This also keeps them out of your way.

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P.S. Do you have a favorite color combination? Share it in the comments.

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