Tips for Bead Crochet Jewelry

The next time you decide to add crochet jewelry to your collection, make sure you take a stroll down the bead aisle. Bead crochet is very popular. The sparkle of seed beads or a pop of color with a bold glass bead will elevate your crochet accessory.

Dazzling Ring  

When you are working seed bead crochet projects like the absolutely stunning Dazzling Ring by Kazekobo, one of the most intimidating steps can be stringing all of the beads on the thread before you begin your first stitch. Bead crochet expert Judith Bertoglio-Giff shares some of her best tips on Beading Daily. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Stringing Beads for Bead Crochet

  Mystic Cuff

If you aren't doing a pattern in your bead crochet, a bead spinner is the only way to go. It will work with different size seed beads, like you'd find in a nice cup of bead soup, and it'll do the job quickly. It's great for bead crochet with wire, as well.

For any pattern work in bead crochet where you have to count the beads, a short big eye needle or a twisted wire needle works well with seed beads in size 11o and larger. If you're using smaller beads, like size 15o seed beads, Tulip now offers large-eye, twisted wire needles that are perfect for the job of stringing beads onto your crochet thread.

Yes, You CAN Add More Thread to Your Bead Crochet Project

Heather Necklace  

Contrary to what many bead crocheters are told, there is no reason in the world to string more than 36" to 40" of beads at one time. Pushing them down the thread frays your crochet thread and is a nuisance. String your longer ropes in sections and just add in thread.

–Judith Bertoglio-Gif

So visit the bead aisle and add gorgeous bead crochet jewelry to your closet by downloading Interweave Books Presents Crocheted Jewelry Projects today.

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