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I made these earrings as a gift for women in my family, last year. They are fast to make, and you can make them different every time, depending on the thread you choose or the amount of beads you use. Topstitching thread and seedbeads to make tiny, delicate earrings; cotton thread and cat’s eyes beads for bigger and distinctive ones.

The instructions in Spanish for these pieces are at my blog http://curupisa.blogspot.com.

Materials List

Beads of your choice.
Crochet hook, according to the yarn you choose.

Fish hook ear wires

Finished Size

With topstitching thread and seed beads, 1/2” (1,25 cm).With a thicker cotton thread, aprox. 1” (2,5 cm)


Depends on the thread and hook.


You have to put the beads in the string before you start to crochet the earrings. For each piece made with topstitching thread, I used 51 beads. But you need to use less if you choose bigger beads.

You’ll use chain stitch (ch st), slip stitch (sl st) and single crochet (sc). Through the last round you will see I’ll refer to a bead single crochet (bsc) with a number beside the reference. Bsc2 means bead single crochet with 2 beads, and then you’ll have Bsc3, Bsc4 and Bsc5.

To make Bsc, you insert the hook on a base stitch, yarn over, draw yarn through base stitch, slide 2 (3, 4 or 5) beads next to the loops on the hook, yarn over behind the beads, draw string through both loops. Beads will get “trapped” between the loops of the single crochet.

The Pattern

Chain 7 stitches and form a ring, using a sl st.
1st round: 17 sc. No need to join with a sl st.
2nd round: 2 sc, bsc2 twice, bsc3 twice, bsc4 twice, bsc5 three times, bsc4 twice, bsc3 twice, bsc2 twice. Join the round with a sl st and weave in the ends.
If you are good at hiding the tail of thread, you can choose which one to use as right side.

Insert the ear wires through the sc that aren’t beaded.

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