Timeless Crochet Earrings


Tamara Kelly


For inspiration I looked to the group of designs known as Mayan Crop Circles. And the result is something a little geometric, a little tribal looking, and very modern. Best of all, a pair takes less than 30 minutes to make – truly Timeless Crochet Earrings! (And now we all know we’ll be around to make them, heh.)

You can use this pattern to cover up old worn hoops, or buy a set of new plain hoops at the craft store or dollar store. I purchased a set of Darice brand hoops for less than $3, from the jewelry findings department at JoAnn Fabrics. These particular hoops are also available online in the US and in the UK, if you search for “1999-283 30mm hoops.” But any hoops should work, as long as they are roughly the same size.

Materials List

  • US #7, 1.65mm steel hook
  • 5 yards Size 5 crochet thread (vintage Star Pearl Cotton in black shown)
  • 1 pair hoop earrings, 30mm or similar size
  • Small sewing needle
  • Optional: White School Glue or other water soluble glue that dries clear:

The Pattern

For full pattern instructions, chart, and photo tutorial, visit moogly’s Timeless Crochet Earrings today!

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