Time for Drastic Measures

In the last couple of months, this site was down about a handful of times. Each time it was for an understandable technology-related reason, but taking a higher-level perspective makes the inconsistency in service frustrating and unacceptable, and I can only imagine how baffling it might be to you, our dear members and visitors, to come to CrochetMe.com to find a blank screen or a confusing error message.

I've put off looking for a new web host for three reasons. First, I've really enjoyed working with our current host. They're friendly and responsive, though not quite as good with their up-time guarantee as I would like. Second, our current host's fees are relatively low, and I've been concerned that a switch would result in a fee increase we simply couldn't afford. Third, switching web hosts is a royal pain in the patootey.

However, like with most issues, there comes a point where the costs of maintaining the status quo outweigh the (potential) costs of change. We've reached that point and we need your help.

First, if you have experience renting a dedicated server, we'd love to hear your recommendations for a great host. (We've far outgrown shared hosting, so please only weigh in if you're familiar with dedicated hosting services.)

Second, we could use some of that awesome community spirit that makes this site so special. Months and months ago I thought we'd be revitalizing our languishing CafePress store, but that fell through. If you're a talented graphic artist and would be willing to donate your skills and art in any small or large way so we can raise some funds to support CrochetMe.com, please be in touch (there will be goodies in it and undying gratitude from thousands of crocheters, and hopefully your crochet and CrochetMe.com-themed work walking the streets and adorning caffeine-delivery vessels the world over). I'm also very open to suggestions for engaging our active and caring community to push this site (and crochet) as we enter this transitional technology period—there are many improvements yet to be made to the site, and the more people get involved, the better the site will be!

I'm going to trample my inclination to feel great stress over this hosting situation and rather will channel my energy into making this into opportunity to build our community even more. Won't you come along for the adventure? It won't be the same without you.


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