Time Flies

OK, I've been back in North Carolina for a week now, and I really didn't mean to leave you hanging about the whole hook thing. But I came right back to bonding with my computer and working on three more issues of Interweave Crochet.

So, here's the deal. I went to extreme measures to avoid losing my hook on the return trip.


That's right. Circular double-pointeds. Never fall (unlike the wee wood Sox Stix that were eaten by a chair at Starbucks, never to be seen again, but that's a different story).

Note the copy of Interweave Crochet, though. I bonded with my seatmate, who both crochets and knits. She was interested first in that bit of pink stuff I'm knitting, then we talked about crochet and how far patterns have come along since her years of afghans and washcloths. She tagged a few patterns she might try out.

More crochet to come.

Happy fibering to all,


And furthermore: I was looking at a four-hour layover in Hot-lanta, where I thought I'd cozy up with the very same crochet project I was working on with the purple hook. But, lo and behold, the flight heading to RDU before mine was delayed and I was able to score a seat on it. I was careful not to beam too much around my fellow travelers, who had sat in the airport for five hours waiting to get on that same plane. Good airplane karma for me. Almost made up for that whole "last flight out of Philly" thing back in June.

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