Happy Thrift Store Day the Mandala Way!

Thrift stores are so awesome that songs have been written about them (thank you, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis). These stores are an awesome source for many things: laughter (“Someone actually wore that?!?”), necessary items (who couldn’t use another juicer?), and crafting materials (yes, I’m actually serious about this one). So, in honor of Thrift Store Day and the home of your (and everyone else’s) gently used treasures, this post highlights how you, too, can ‘pop some tags’ and get creative with thrift-store finds and the hottest thing in crochet: mandalas.

Thrift Store Finds to Decorate

There are multiple ways to connect creativity and crochet mandalas and then transfer that creativity to your thrift store finds. So far, I’ve discovered 4 different ways to create combinations:

1. Architecture: Prep your table, place a mandala down and then spray paint away.

2. Relaxation materials: Ok, I’ll admit it. You might not find these completely intact, however, you’ll still be able to use them to plan out your colors.

3. Home décor: Whether you’re thinking about using the mandalas on your wall or on your couch as a pillow, mandalas are sure to dress up your home.

thrift store finds can be easily dressed up with a mandala motif!

4. Fashion: Mandalas can be used to create everything from accessories to garments. However, they can also be crocheted and used by themselves combined simple everyday bleach to create designs on thrift store finds such as shirts, skirts, jackets, etc.

My favorite crafting challenge is to combine one or more of these areas to create something new and exciting! I recently went thrift store adventuring, and not only did I discover some awesome deals, I also found some of the exact items I was looking for: a couple of knitted skirts, some jackets, and a table! Woot!

Are you a fan of thrift shops? Have we opened your eyes to the additional possibilities in your favorite store? What will you create with your thrift-store finds? Let us know in the comments!

Happy stitching!


Crochet mandalas and more, in the store!