Three of My Favorite Crochet Books

Yesterday I finally bought a new bookshelf to house my crochet library. The small three-shelf oak bookcase I've used since my early teens had held up admirably beneath my ever-growing piles of craft books. And since I have a list of new crochet books to add to my collection, I need more room. The spring sale is going on at the Interweave Store right now, making it a perfect time to add to your own collection. If you are looking for suggestions, here are three of my favorite crochet books. 

  The gray days of winter are finally over, and the early Spring flowers are inspiring me to play with color. I agree with author and designer Kathy Merrick when she says, "I am a color junkie and a magpie. . . . I often buy a skein or two of some beautiful yarn without necessarily knowing what I might use it for. I rarely buy enough of one yarn at a time for a specific purpose, but I often buy several colors of the same yarn." I can relate! I have my own collection of single skeins in beautiful shades, so I turned to Kathy's book Crochet in Color for the perfect color project. The elegant Swirls Pillow will be my first Spring project. 
  Another favorite of mine is Kim Werker's Crochet Me. It's hard to believe that this book has been out for almost four years. The easy Icelandic Turtleneck was a good friend's first crochet project, and I adapted the Babydoll Dress into a shirt. There are still so many projects from this classic collection in my queue. Since I am in a home décor mood at the moment, I plan to make the circle rug by Donna Hulka next. 
  And my bookshelf would not be complete without the Interweave Crochet CD Collections. I know, I know, they aren't technically books, but these CD collections put four years of patterns and technique articles right at my fingertips. And they take up only a fraction of the space on my bookshelf compared to their magazine counterparts-an important factor when your collection is as large as mine is rapidly becoming.

One thing is for certain; I will always find plenty of crochet inspiration on my bookshelf. Check out these books, as well as digital products and magazines, for sale in the Crochet Me Shop and add a little more inspiration to your own shelf.

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