Thread Crochet: It Isn't Just for Doilies

One of my first crochet projects was a thread filet crochet dresser scarf for my mother. I loved the delicate and crisp stitches. My next project was a bright green doily. Lace in thread is as gorgeous as filet crochet in thread, but both of these projects were home decor pieces.

Hibiscus Tunic by Mimi Alelis  

I wanted something I could wear and show off. The warm summer weather has me again looking for thread crochet garments. Light-weight thread crochet lace and motifs are perfect for hot summer days.

  Chinese Dragon Shawl by Kathryn White

Luckily, many crochet designers also see the beauty of thread crochet, and now I can find a wide variety of garment patterns. The biggest problem is choosing which one to start. Do you want to join me? Before we begin, here are two of my favorite tips for crocheting with thread.

1. The large majority of thread crochet projects call for small steel hooks. If you are using a steel hook, choose one with a larger wood or plastic handle. The diameter of the handle a plain steel hook is tiny, even to those of us with small hands. Hours spent gripping this tiny handle can quickly lead to hand strain. There are a wonderful variety of steel crochet hooks now available with wood, plastic, or clay handles. You can also add your own clay or felt handles to steel hooks. Believe me, your hands will thank you.

Moth Wings Shrug by Mimi Alelis  

2. Don't crochet with your work held too closely to your eyes. Especially with the tiny thread stitches, the instinct is to hold a thread project close to you face. This will quickly cause eye and neck strain. Also make sure you are in an area with good light, and crochet with your work about waist level.  Once you get the hang of the pattern, try crocheting while watching a good movie or visiting with friends.

Crochet the ideal summer garment today by downloading one of these amazing thread crochet patterns today! They are all on sale for a limited time so don't delay.

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