This was much longer, but I cut it down.

I was fit to be tied an hour ago, re: my ongoing email woes. If you know me in person, you know I'm opinionated and have a penchant for the melodramatic when it comes to ordinary conversation. Like lots of people who talk as much as I do, though, my bark is bigger than my bite. In reality, I think unnecessary confrontation is a waste of time and energy. Via email, I tend to be restrained. I'm keenly aware of how easy it is to misconstrue what someone's written, in the absence of important social cues like tone of voice, volume, body language, and facial expression. I was keenly aware of these factors over the last day or so, as I've corresponded with DreamHost customer service. Although I imagined that these kind men were on the job, and weren't cursing me under their breath as being a pain-in-their-collective-patooty customer who never shuts up, I began to have a hard time believing it. Until I finally just came out with how frustrated I was. Did I blame them? No. I just made it apparent that I need information. Stat. And know what? They gave it to me.

My email still isn't fixed, but for the first time in two days, I'm not bogged down by it. I feel like they're on the case, and like it wasn't a mistake to fork over a fortune for our dedicated server. Funny thing, that fortune. I wasn't at all comfortable saying anything like, "I pay for better service than this." And I didn't say it. Interesting.

You'd be shocked to know of some of the emails I get from people who HATE Crochet me or any number of things about it. And this site is free. (Come to think of it, I rarely get these anymore. Does that mean the mag's gotten better? Or that I've run off all the hollerers? Does saying that mean I'll become inundated by hate mail, now? There's drama in the online crochet world, people. It's like Best in Show, but without dogs.)

To be clear, I do get lots of negative, constructive feedback. And I appreciate it. And of course, I appreciate the good stuff, too.

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