this is just too cool

Last month, I linked to an article wherein someone mentioned that crochet is the new knitting. Now, I both crochet and knit, and so I interpretted this statement to mean the following: Since knitting has become SO popular in the last few years, if crochet is being considered the new knitting it must mean that crochet is becoming just as popular! I can see, though, that it would be perfectly possible to interpret the same statement to mean that knitting will wane in popularity, as crochet takes its place on the pedestal of fibre arts. I think that interpretation is a little depressing, and underestimates how great knitting is. Amy Singer (editor of the fab Knitty) seems to agree, as she discusses in her recent entry on the Interweave Knits blog. Don't worry, Amy, we know that both crafts are like chocolate and vanilla; like peanut butter and chocolate; like chocolate and milk. They're different from each other, they can go great together, and some people like one over the other. Not to fear, I'll still say "YIPPEE!" every time crochet is called the new knitting, but only because that means more people will learn how, and more resources will become available to us hookers. I envision a long life of peaceful, popular coexistance between needles and hooks, don't you?

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