Think Green and Irish Crochet for Saint Patrick’s Day

Do you have any Saint Patrick’s Day traditions? Do you eat green eggs or add green food coloring to your mashed potatoes. We tried a few things as kids, but nothing really stuck-except for wearing green that is.

A few years, I’ve planned in advance and created a special crocheted hat or other accessory. Some years I have been forced to create something green at the last minute. This rush has resulted in some fabulous crocheted flower barrettes or quick green bracelets.

A few friends have warned me that while wearing green prevents you from being pinched, wearing red means you want a kiss. Have you ever heard that before? I hadn’t.

If you need a little inspiration before Saint Patrick’s Day , check out some of these cool ideas. You’ll find Irish crochet inspired patterns, free Saint Patrick’s Day patterns, and patterns that are fun in green.

Irish Crochet Patterns

Crochet Patterns in Green

Free Saint Patrick’s Day Inspired Patterns



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