The Truth of the Matter

Dudes. I am so busted.

For a little context, first read this blog, where I extol the virtues of a little yarnwork to soothe frazzled nerves whilst on an epic travel day. Where I talk about I finished up four motifs for the Moorish Mosaic Afghan.

So I decided to further ease my frazzles more by weaving in the ends (did I tell you that I'm doing that after every motif? True. No danglies at all).

And here is what I discovered:


The one on the bottom I did while waiting in the RDU airport. The one on top I finished as we were descending into DEN. The two in the middle, I did in between. You will have to trust me that they are squared on top of one another (iPhone has its limits in capturing nuance).

Do you see?

My gauge tightened as the day went on. I was so not relaxed. Rather than letting the crochet ease my tension, I was funneling my angst into the crochet.

For real perspective, here is the final motif of the day atop a motif worked at home, in front of the curiously calming NCIS:


Look at that! At the increases, it's even rippling (more like whimpering).

I see some serious blocking in my future.

Yours in crochet truth,


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