The Tale of Sir Stephen the Bunny

Sir Stephen the BunnyHe's about average size with rather short, floppy ears; black button eyes; a pert, pink nose that rarely twitches; and a cute little vest. Sir Stephen is an easy amigurumi pet in most aspects. He joined the Interweave Crochet family with the Summer 2008 issue. He eats practically nothing and never creates messes. But, like most pets, he adores attention, which is perfect considering the Interweave staff's love for him.

Sir Stephen does have one little character quirk. He's a bit of an escape artist, and he loves to travel. Photo shoots and shows were his first foray into freedom, and now he frequently slips past me to visit other employees in the office. Yesterday morning I realized he had, once again, gone missing.

With a resigned shake of my head I checked the usual locations. He wasn't with Annie who takes him to shows or visiting the advertising personnel on the second floor, and he definitely wasn't in the basement visiting the rest of the projects from that issue. With no other option, I sent out an office wide alert asking anyone who may have seen him to please contact me. I suppose it's the high tech version of the "lost cat" posters you might find attached to a light post.

A short time later I received a reply. Sir Stephen had been relaxing on the shelf in Steve's office. A moment later an impish Steve walked down the hall toward me, an unrepentant Sir Stephen in his arms. So he's back in my office, at least temporarily, plotting his next big adventure.

Three bunnies

Sir Stephen has been so popular that more bunnies have begun popping up at Interweave. Teresa just completed Henry, and Jen is currently working on a yet unnamed friend. Sir Stephen and Henry recently visited craft night together. It's left me wondering: What other amigurumi bunnies have been created and where are they now? 

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