The Swedish Crochet Hats of the Winter 2010 Olympics

Do you remember the crochet hats worn by the Swedish team at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, Canada? My great-grandparents immigrated to the United States from Sweden, and though I never met them, I inherited a love for Swedish design.

Swedish Crochet Hat. Photo by Kim Werker  

Who couldn't appreciate these fabulous hats designed by Eva Christensonn, especially when she explains why they were crocheted? Eva says, "Why we wanted a crochet hat is because the look of crochet is much cooler than a knitted version. Knitted caps have a totally different look. In Sweden these kind of crochet hats have been popular over the past winter seasons, especially among the younger generations." You can find out more about the Swedish crochet hats in Kim Werker's blog post.

I will admit that as much as I love swimming, track, gymnastics, and the other sports of summer, I miss the winter accessories. You didn't see many crocheted hats in the soccer field or crocheted swimsuits, thank goodness, on the beach volleyball court.

Did you seen any crochet at the Summer Olympics, or perhaps something that inspired you to crochet?

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