The site is on FIRE.

DreamHost*Doing the dedicated server dance.*

No tech leap goes without stumbles, and I apologize that the site was down for a couple of hours this evening. If you tried to send me email and it bounced, please try again.

With huge thanks to the fabulous people at DreamHost, I humbly welcome you to our dedicated server. Is it just me, or is the site noticeably faster? To me, it seems like it's on fire. In a good way. That makes me giddy.

In addition to their friendly, speedy customer service and this server that's — I repeat — on fire, there are two more reasons I like DreamHost.

First, they have an affiliate program. If you're in need of web hosting and you decide to sign up with DreamHost, and you do so after following a link from this site, Crochet me will get a small bonus every time you pay your bill. This new server might run like the wind, but it quintupled our hosting costs for the year.

Second, they allow people to make donations directly to our web hosting account. No pressure. We know you have better things [yarn] to spend your money on [yarn]. But if at any point during the last two years you thought, "Gee, I wish there were a way I could directly help those crazy kids at Crochet me to keep doing their crazy thing," here's your chance. If cash ain't your thang, you can also feel free to make content submissions any time you want. Or you could send us a postcard.

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