The Revolution

In the last week I've put a couple of notches in my belt (not those kind of notches; please). I shamelessly promoted my work (don't laugh; this doesn't come easily) and I stayed in an airport overnight.

TNNA was incredible. Super hard work, catching up with people near and far, a crazy energy of creativity and passion. This is where I shamelessly promoted my work. Usually one to sit quietly by and wait for someone to make eye contact before I tell them why I'm sitting there quietly (usually it's to, you know, promote my work), I naturally and with no discomfort did the opposite last weekend. First, I signed some copies of Teach Yourself Visually for folks who came by the Wiley booth (I really missed Cecily). In fact, I even greeted people who seemed intent to walk right by the booth. I mean, I didn't accost them, or anything. But I was was cheery.

And then there was the other stuff. This was the other stuff: Interweave had a display in the booth just for the Crochet Me book (want to see a preview? I thought so). There was a huge cover, a galley copy, a couple of sweaters from the book, and a huge basket of armbands.

Jonathon & Me: The Crochet Revolution

That's right, armbands. Why? Because we're fueling the crochet revolution! Here I am, in fact, posing with the awesome Jonathon at Benevolent, the yummy vegetarian eatery where we had dinner on Saturday night. He's wearing the promo. I'm wearing the prototype of a crocheted version that'll hopefully come out as a pattern so you can make yourself one, too. (Notice the bangs. It was really humid.)

And so anyway, whenever I was near the booth and people stopped to look at the display, I introduced myself. It was way fun. It might have been so easy and fun because people seemed really into the book, and there's no beating that. I'm itchy for October, even though I'm still in the throes of editing the manuscript.

And still there was more crochet fun. In fact, there was so much exciting crochet energy at the show that I'd make inappropriate bets that it'll result in some exciting crochet stuff in the coming months. You know, my Spidey sense is tingling. Here are some photos of lots of people whose names you might recognize, spending some quality crochet time together (please excuse the crappy phone-cam quality):

Crochet Gathering on TNNA Show Floor

Crochet Gathering on TNNA Show Floor

And here's Vashti rockin' the armband as a water bottle cozy:

Vashti Rocks the Armband Water Bottle Cozy

Want more photos? Check out Kristi's, Robyn's, Amy's, and Amy's blogs, and Clara's recap.

Ok. So then there was the staying all night in the airport. First, I have a question maybe you can help me answer: Who decided to put a major airline hub in freaking Chicago, home of high winds and foul weather three seasons of the year? I mean, seriously? Ok, so anyway. There was foul weather in Chicago on Monday afternoon, resulting in a cascade of delayed flights all over the midwest. And so the kind woman who checked me in at the Columbus airport put me on an earlier flight to Chicago, just in case. Thus robbing me of more than half an hour with Amy Singer, with whom I never get to spend more time than that, like it's a cruel joke. And so then I get to Chicago an hour earlier than planned, to discover – no shock – that my flight to Vancouver has been delayed. And over the next few hours — as if the airline gods had just discovered what it means to be asymptotic — my flight continued to be delayed in small increments until finally, just before 11pm, United up and cancelled it. And they put us all on a brand new flight at 6 the next morning. So I stayed at the airport. No sense getting two hours of bad sleep in a crappy hotel room. And I made a friend, and we chatted through the night. It gets cold in airports overnight. Also, they don't turn off CNN (is there anything more important going on in the world besides what Paris Hilton ate for breakfast in prison?). And they also don't turn off the announcements about security. But the sunrise is pretty awesome:

Chicago, O'Hare: 4:45am

And there you have it.

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