The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

In just over a month, we will celebrate one of the most important people in our lives-our mothers. My mother was the person who introduced me to crochet; she also showed me how to really pay attention to nature and taught me the names of birds and flowers. This year I want to share with her a gift that combines both my love of crochet and the beauty of the blossoms that begin to appear each spring.

There are a wide variety of crochet patterns that celebrate flowers, allowing you to find the perfect Mother's Day gift for the special lady in your life.

  With almost a month until Mother's Day, there is plenty of time to crochet the gorgeous Diana's Blossom Scarf. An elegant shell stitch creates the fabric of this scarf. And a beautiful sprinkling of whimsical crochet flowers make this the perfect spring crochet accessory. Try Diving into your yarn stash for the perfect scrap yarn to create flowers in a variety of colors.
  Add a touch of crochet beauty to any room with the retro Flower Power Pillow. Inspired by the classic granny square, this pillow can me created in any color combination to perfectly compliment a recipients home. The buttoned, two-piece crocheted back lets you slip off the cover for sprucing up.
  I love the Flowers and Vines Bag. This crochet tote combines crochet cables, embellished "vines," and simple flowers to create a fabric reminiscent of flowering vines growing up a chain link fence. This eye-catching bag is an easy project for any crocheter.
  If you need to whip up several quick and easy crochet gifts, check out the Fire Flower Hair Clip. This fashionable hair clip is perfect for all ages and a fun accessory to crochet. Seven beads can add a touch of bling. This is also the perfect gift for those living in warm climates and year-round use.

Crochet the mother's in your life the perfect gift this Mother's Day. Find perfect patterns for new mothers, your mother or mother-in-law, or yourself in the Crochet Me Shop and check out our great suggestions.

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P.S. Are you crocheting a Mother's Day gift?

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