The Perfect Crochet Hat for Any Occasion

My yarn stash includes more than its fair share of single and partial skeins. Some are left over from finished projects. Some came home after I couldn't resist that luxurious skein at my local yarn store. I just put them away in a bin until I find the perfect pattern. Nine times out of ten, that perfect crochet pattern is a hat.

Crochet hats are ideal single skein projects or a great opportunity to use up multiple partial skeins. There is a hat for every person, every occasion, and every yarn type. Let me share a few of my favorites with you:


A Unique Kids Hat

I love making hats for children and babies because they look adorable in anything. For instance, I could never get away with wearing a cupcake on my head, but on a little girl it is beyond cute. You can top your Cupcake Hat with a cherry or a single candle and sprinkles, but whatever you decorate it with, there will be a sigh of delight whenever it is worn. 


Warmth for the Whole Family

The Leaf Peeper Hats are the perfect cold-weather hats with sizing and modifications for the whole family. Make one with earflaps and a brim, just a brim, or just earflaps. You can make the perfect combination for every member of the family. Worked in a bulky weight yarn these hats also work up quickly-a great benefit when you need to quickly whip up a family of hats. 


A Fashionable Beret

I think everyone needs a fashionable beret in their closet, and the lacy Flutter By Hat is one of my favorites. This slouchy beret is accented with a thread crochet butterfly, but a flower or leaf would be spectacular as well. This hat is the perfect gift for a fashion conscious friend-we all have at least one. 


Quick and Easy

If you are looking for a hat that is extremely quick and easy, but doesn't look quick and easy, I recommend the Boyfriend Hat. This beanie is perfect for men and women, and the faux Fair Isle patterning is created with a self-striping yarn. No tapestry crochet or color changing needed! 



If you are looking for an exciting hat to crochet that will teach you a new technique, try the Atomic Hat. This retro 1950s cable pattern is fun to work and stunning to look at. If you are a crochet cable newbie, you will love the stitch diagrams. Detailed diagrams walk you through the diamond cable construction. 


Do you have a few errant skeins of yarn looking for the perfect project? For a limited time, you will find all of these great hat patterns and more on sale. Check out the downloadable patterns in the Crochet Me Shop Fall Sale and find the perfect pattern at a great price today! 

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P.S. What is your favorite single skein or partial skein project?

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