The Opportunity to Learn and Give with The Chain Reaction Afghan

We crochet for many reasons, to create, to relax; or maybe we crochet as a result of our general yarn obsession. Some of us were taught to crochet by a grandmother or mother and have a more personal connection to the craft. But in conversations with other crochet artists, two reasons for crocheting are shared over and over.

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The Chain Reaction Afghan

Crocheters love to learn new techniques. Whether it is creating Tunisian cables, learning a new construction technique, or crafting designs with post stitches, we love learning about the vast scope of designs we can make with a hook and yarn.

One of the best projects for learning new techniques is a sampler afghan such as the Chain Reaction Afghan. For this project, each square is designed by a different crocheter and focuses on a different crochet aspect, stitch, or technique.

Crochet Afghan Square
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Woven Threads

The Woven Threads square by April Garwood plays with unusual construction methods, weaving simple crocheted strips to create a visually inviting fun square.

Zigzag by Judith Bailey uses stitches of varying heights to create a wavy, zigzag pattern in alternating colors.The zigzags are separated by stripes of simple single crochet.

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Picture Frame
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And Lisa Naskrent's square, Picture Frame, begins with a circle worked in front post double crochet stitches. This three-dimensional circle is transformed into a lacy square with simple chain stitches and elegant clusters.

If you are looking for a little companionship as you begin your afghan, Interweave Crochet Editor Marcy Smith and designer Kristin Omdahl join you in your crochet explorations in the Chain Reaction Afghan Project Crochet-along workshop DVD. In this workshop, they will walk you through some of the stitches and techniques in the afghan, as well as give advice for color changes or making the afghan unique to your personality.

In addition to a desire to learn, crocheters are also incredibly generous, donating their time and finished projects to friends in need as well as strangers through a variety of charities. Nothing can compare to the comfort of wrapping a handmade crocheted afghan around your shoulders, except perhaps the joy of creating that afghan to warm a friend or a stranger in need. 

Order the Chain Reaction Afghan Project Crochet-along today and learn new crochet techniques, then donate your finished afghan to your favorite charity. We would love to hear your stories. Visit the blog to tell us about afghans you have donated.

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