The Most Important Resolutions of 2012

As I get ready to face 2012, I am looking back at my 2011 New Year's resolutions. Last year I wanted to explore join-as-you-go motifs with the Moth Wings Shrug. I crocheted this beautiful lace shrug for a friend to wear at her wedding, and I love the pattern. I am also completely in love with joining motifs as you go.

My growing crocheted hat and scarf collection is a testament to the fulfillment of my resolution to crochet more accessories. Now I am thinking ahead to resolutions for 2012.

1. Try something new. This is a goal I set for myself each year. This might be a new stitch or a new technique; it might be a project design or a crocheting with a new yarn. I have a heavenly skein of angora that I have been petting for several months. This year I will transform it into a little amigurumi bunny.

I got a jump on this resolution a couple of days ago when I also started a pair of the Raspberry Mitts from the Interweave Crochet Accessories 2011 issue. I love these half mitten half mitts. I own several pairs, but I have never made my own. I modified the color pattern and am working this pair in fun, brightly colored stripes.

2. Finish my UFOs. I make this resolution every year, and every year I finish a few UFOs and create a few more than I finished. This year I intend to finish all of my UFOs. I have a couple of sweaters I started many years ago that, even if I finished them, would no longer fit. Rather than allow them to continue to take up room in my UFO bag, I am going to ravel the yarn for another project.

3. Join a crochet group. In 2010 I was part of a fabulous crochet/knitting group. We would get together a couple of times a month to crochet, chat, and help each other with our patterns. In 2011, I let myself get to busy. But I really missed those relaxing opportunities to crochet with friends.

You can often find a crochet/knit group at your local yarn shop. If you don't have a yarn shop near you, grab a group of friends and plan and block out a couple of hours at a coffee shop or the local library.

The fresh start of a new year holds such amazing promise. I can't wait to get started on my resolutions, which I know for a fact will be much easier to keep than my resolution to lose 20 lbs or to eat healthier. What are you resolutions for 2012?

Best wishes,

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