The Moorish Mosaic Afghan: The Perfect Stash-Busting Project

For several years, the Moorish Mosaic Afghan has waited impatiently in my queue as I gathered my yarn—a few skeins from this project, a couple from that project, a left over skein donated by a friend. The color design of this crochet afghan makes it the perfect stash busting project, allowing you to combine various brands of a similar shade, such the yellow and blue yarns I am using, instead of identical yarns from the same dye lot.

This pattern is also addictive. Each of the three motif designs is easily memorized and quickly worked in worsted weight yarn. I've finished all of the triangle motifs that run along the side, and I am about halfway finished with the square motifs.

Seeing the stacked motifs reminds me of the fabric quilt squares my mother used to cut out. The squares were cut from clothing we had grown out of or leftover fabric from garments she had sewn for us. I think it was from her that I learned the art of using up every last bit of my crafting fiber. With the yarn that is left over from my crocheted afghan, I will probably whip up one of the Funky Stuffed Toys from the 8 Free Crochet Amigurumi free eBook.

What are your favorite stash-busting projects?

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