The Moogly Crochet Numbers


Tamara Kelly


Aftermaking the Moogly Crochet Alphabet, it quickly became clear that I needed to make some crochet numbers to match! So without further ado…

Materials List

  • US – F, 3.75mm hook
  • Worsted weight yarn, amounts vary (kitchen cotton shown)

Finished Size

The specific yarn weight and hook size doesn’t really matter for these, as long as you use a hook size a couple sizes smaller than you normally would for that yarn. The bigger you go, the bigger the crochet numbers, and vice versa. These crochet number appliques, made using the hook and yarn listed, were each around 3 1/2″ tall. Leave long tails at either end if you plan on sewing these to another piece of fabric!

The Pattern

For full written instructions for each letter, please visit The Moogly Crochet Numbers page today! Thanks so much!

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