The Mighty Crochet Chain Stitch

The simple chain stitch is the first crochet stitch most of us learned. We worked this easy stitch, yarning over and drawing through the loop on our hook, until we had created a string of chains that could stretch from one end of the house to the other. My mother recently taught my oldest niece to crochet a chain. Her first ten-yard chain became a lovely Christmas garland. There is a great excitement in creating your first long crocheted chain. 

The Birch Vest by Kristin Omdahl
begins with a chain that forms the
edge of yoke. Chain stitches create the
lacy fan pattern in the body of the vest

As you learn to work single crochet, double crochet, and treble crochet stitches into your chain a world of crochet possibilities is suddenly in your grasp. But I have never lost my enchantment with the basic chain stitch. This versatile stitch is frequently used to create a base chain from which we begin a project. This is the perhaps the use for which the chain stitch is best known. 

The Forest Flower Pullover by Kristin
Omdahl uses chain stitches to create
the motifs at the neckline and join the
motifs as you go. Chain stitches also
create clever godet shaping.

The chain stitch is also used to create the turning chain. After turning or joining a round, patterns typically instruct you to chain, to move the work up to the height of the next row. Sometimes this chain is counted as a stitch of corresponding height, one chain for a single crochet, two chains for a half double crochet, three chains for a double crochet, etc.

I love the use of the chain stitch to create motifs and granny squares. Inserting a series of chain stitches between more substantial crochet stitches, such as a shell or series of double crochet stitches, creates a gorgeous lacy motif. Chain stitches are also an essential stitch when working motifs such as the motifs that create the yoke of the Forest Flower Pullover.

The Peaseblossom Tunic by
Kristin Omdahl uses chain
stitches to create a gorgeous
lace fabric.

In her workshop DVD, Innovative Crochet: Motifs with Kristin Omdhal, Kristin will teach you how to use the chain stitch and slip stitches to join motifs as you go, eliminating the need to seam the motifs together in finishing.

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