The May Hat

The May Hat almost didn't happen (and please, disregard the fact that it's actually June—it was a late May trip).

If it weren't for a wicked band of thunderstorms, I might be telling you that I just didn't have it in me to make a May hat.

You see, by the time I got on the plane in Denver, I'd been All About Crochet for 17 straight days. I was not feeling the crochet love. After I boarded, I read a book for two hours or so. Then I pulled out the May Hat.

The pattern is the Lace Cap by Kim Werker from CrochetMe's 6 Free Crochet Hat Patterns. The yarn is Tahki Cotton Classic Lite in colors Deep Leaf Green (4725) and Bright Lime (4726). The crochet hook is size F:

I was a little uncertain about how large the hat would be, since I selected a yarn that is a full weight size smaller than that given in the pattern. And I was a little uncertain about finishing it in the half-hour left on the flight.

But not to fear:

When I arrived in ATL, I was met by mayhem. My flight is there on the bottom. I was slated to fly out at 10:10 p.m. Because of the tremendous delays occasioned by the thunderstorms, my flight was delayed until 1:21 a.m.

That's some good crochet time.

And, boy howdy, am I glad I started on this hat! Inspired by a doily pattern, the hat is a very engaging series of chains and half-doubles. Look how pretty the center is: 

(that's not my plane, btw).

I sat at this gate crocheting until the turn of the crown. It's getting even prettier:

things closed down:

trash cans filled:

Eventually, more people got on more airplanes and took off into the night.

And finally, I got on my airplane.

By this point, I had added the second color and was definitely smitten with the hat.

So I finished it:

And the next day, I tried it on a tween we had around the house:

Crochet Doily Hat

Sweet, huh?

I have to make another.

Happy crocheting,



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