The Many Looks of Crochet Lace

Crochet lace-I extol its virtues frequently in my newsletters, but I still think it doesn't get enough credit. It was lace that first prompted me to pick up a hook. I was then introduced to filet crochet and pineapple lace. But since then, I have learned that there are many more ways of creating crochet lace. Here is Kristin Omdahl to talk about the lace techniques that inspired the projects in her book Crochet So Lovely.


Lace by Gauge

What is lace? To me, it is a pattern composed of the negative space and geometric structuring of a network of crossed paths of string. This can be accomplished in so many ways, from very simple to super complicated. This chapter is an exploration of the truly simple; playing with gauge.

Orchid Faroese Shawl    

Allover Lace

Watching lace stitch patterns blossom after blocking is one of the greatest pleasures a crafter knows. This chapter is dedicated to creating garments from allover lace patterns and manipulating them in a variety of ways to create shaping. As novice crocheters, we venture into the world of lace with a scarf or rectangular wrap. This chapter is the next step when you want a fitted garment showcasing your lacy stitchwork.

Lapis Wesek Tunic    

Lace as the Focal Point

When I fall in love with a lace motif I don't always necessarily want to repeat the design in tiled motifs. This chapter is dedicated to the times when using that motif as the focal point of a design creates drama and flair that can't be accomplished otherwise. You also can create shaping and detailing illusions by the way you contrast the lace with more simple, opaque stitch panels.

Liliana Pullover    

Bruges Lace & Tunisian Crochet

Bruges Lace is traditionally a two-dimensional fabric created by making meandering strips that are joined as you go. I explored this technique with a variety of stitch patterns to create three-dimensional shaped garments. The formulas for shaping are universal, the same ones used with other crochet techniques.

The beautiful, sturdy texture of Tunisian crochet is given new depth and dimension when recast as lace.

Dahlia Spiral Shrug    


Joining motifs is a wonderful way to create crocheted lac in any form-a tunic, a wrap, a bag, an accessory. The projects in this chapter show the impressive array of what can be accomplished in taking a single though or idea, in the form o a motif, and taking it wherever your imagination goes. As you join motifs, sit back and watch as new possibilities arise and take flight.

Hydrangea Cowl    

Broomstick & Hairpin

Traiditionally, both of these techniques are crocheted in flat fabric. For a little excitement, I turned both into motifs for this collection. The broomstick lace motifs are adorable as a scalloped border along the ege of a lace shawl. And the hairpin lace strips are wrapped around themselves for a simple but dramatically different look: from strips to medallions!

I can't wait to start exploring all of these crochet techniques. Order or download your copy of Crochet So Lovely and explore the possibilities of lace.

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P.S. Share your favorite lace technique in the comments.

Bleeding Heart Shawl    

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