The Internet – It Shrinks the World

From the Craftster blog, I just surfed over to the Sampler to see they're going to be putting together gift boxes for the 2006 Pre-Show Style Lounge at the MTV Movie Awards. No doubt Marie pinched herself when she got that call/email!

The internet makes for some pretty trippy connections. I couldn't sit for several hours after I got the email over a year ago from my editor at Wiley asking about doing the book. Seems she just searched the web for an author. Several random emails I've gotten since lead me to the impression that lots of people in high profile positions surf the web in search of information, talent, products, and quotes.

This morning I got an email from the Telegraph's style magazine, Stella, about amigurumi. Not sure yet if anything will come of it (blasted time difference!), but it was still pretty cool.

As my grandmother once announced, to our gut piercing amusement, "God bless America — the internet!"

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