The Great Crochet Me Road Trip: It Begins!

Greetings, friends, from Vancouver International Airport. It's far too early for me to try to be coherent. My coffee is only half drunk. But I just had to start sharing.

Today begins the very first leg of my zig-zagging across the continent adventure! I'm on my way to the Sewing Expo in Chantilly, VA, where I'll be teaching two workshops: one on the all-important and all-fabulous granny square, and one on exploiting the internet as a crafty crafter. I'll also be generally hanging out and signing books and saying hi. (There's still room in both classes; come play!)

Then, since I'm in jet-set mode, I'll be in Boston on Sunday at Spark Craft in Porter Square. I'll have some projects from the Crochet Me book and from IC as well, and I'll give a wee schpiel about how crochet is poised to take over the crafts universe. I'd love to meet all you Boston crocheters who need a wee sumpin'-sumpin' to tide you over till the huge launch at Webs on the 14th.

And with that, I must pack up and get ready to board.

Oh, I must say first, though, that I am beside myself psyched about the new Crochet Me! Over 800 people registered in the first day! The forums are hoppin', new patterns have already been posted, and buddies are connecting like it's going out of style. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. *Gush*

See you soon, I hope. 

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