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Have you checked out the discussion in the comments on my post about crocheters and knitters? It's really good stuff. I was away last week and haven't chimed back in, but I will.

Galiano IslandSo, where was I? Mostly at home, with my parents and brother visiting. But we also went off to Galiano Island for a few days. It was The First Ever Piper Family Vacation, and it was loads of fun. There was much trying of new things. Like kayaking for the fam; like building a fire for me; and, of course, like learning to crochet for my mom and dad.

They both took to it really quickly, but my dad lost interest – despite how much manic fun it looks like he's having. My mom, on the other hand, got halfway through a double crochet hat before getting bored and moving onto something more interesting. I took her to Urban Yarns, where she got some bright white Rowan Cotton Twist (on sale; that woman is a sale magnet) and a Rowan pattern book. Now, this is where my mom becomes a rock star. When we sat down to start a shawl pattern from the book, I slapped my forehead from not having thought about Rowan being a UK-based company – the crochet terminology was all different from what she'd already learned. So in addition to starting a lacy, triangular shawl after only crocheting for two days, my mom is also following the pattern with the aid of a detailed post-it note translating all the qtr stitches into ttr's, all the ttr's into dtr's, and all the dc's into sc's. I'm really, really pressuring her to start a blog. Don't you want to see her FO? I do!

Dad learns to crochet     Mom learns to crochet

I've got a bunch of posts in the works, along with the entire summer issue. That's right, kids. It may be cloudy and chilly here in Vancouver, but summer's coming in about a week.

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