The Crochet Pattern of the New Year

With patterns equally at home at a log cabin in the mountains, a fabulous coffee shop in New York City, or any place in between,  Yumiko Alexander's new book, Rustic Crochet, utilizes cunningly simple stitch patterns and modern silhouettes to create a unique truly collection.



Yumiko uses a variety of yarn weights, from lace-weight to chunky, and stitch textures from shells and lace to ruffles and puff stitches to create designs that are totally unique. And I am in love with all of them.

Here is Yumiko to share you design process with us.

Designing from Nature

Knitting and crochet have made my life in the United States very beautiful. When I moved here from Japan, my English was limited and everything was new to me. Although the language and culture in the United States and Japan are very different, knitting and crochet have remained a constant in my life. I have enjoyed communicating with people and expressing myself through my design work, and I have met many wonderful friends through knitting and crochet.

Lacy Shoals Shale Tiers Sea Flower
Water Lily   Lace Reflections   Driftwood

My design ideas come from what I want to have in my closet. Each design needs to be something I won't find in the usual clothing stores. I love texture as much as I love color. I believe the possible combinations of stitches are endless. I spend long hours with my swatches, trying everything I can think of as I listen to the yarns tell me how they want to be crocheted or knitted. I want to create things I can be proud to wear and use, both functional and fashionable.

-Yumiko Alexander

Now I just have to decide which project I will begin first. I need to start the New Year with an eye-catching crochet accessory. The Lace Reflections mitts would take a casual long-sleeve shirt and jeans to the next level but so would the Water Lily scarf.

Pre-order Rustic Modern Crochet: 18 Designs Inspired by Nature today and create fabulous designs to start your New Year. Or download the eBook and start crocheting today.

Best wishes,

P.S. Which pattern would you crochet first?

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